Radiant Ratty Adoption

Please fill out our adoption form and e-mail it to us to be put on the waiting list.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on all rat adoptions via PayPal; we can work to explore other options if necessary. No deposit will be requested until after the adoption form has been submitted and accepted. If the payment is not received within 12 hours of the payment prompt being sent, the application will be closed, the babies will remain listed as available on the website, or offered to the next applicant in the case of double applications

The babies must be picked up within 10 days of their Adoption Day/Listed pick up date, otherwise the adoption will be forfeit and the babies will be relisted. In the case of adult rats, or babies 5 weeks of age or older at time of application, pickup must be completed within 10 days of payment, otherwise they will be relisted to the public. The 50% deposit will not be refunded due to failure to pick up within the allotted time frame, or if you decide to cancel the adoption for any reason after the fee has been paid. This is to avoid false adoptions and to ensure that every baby is placed to a forever home in a timely manner.

Rats are adopted on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in a specific rat, please make a note of it either via email, or make a note of it in the comment section of the adoption application.

We don't have a set age the babies go home, they go home anytime after 5 weeks. Our Mother's wean on their own schedule, not ours.

Pet Rat Trees showing 3 generations are only available upon request.

Our rats are not to be bred by anybody other then an approved breeder, without permission- an adoption contract will be signed by you stating you will not breed or stud out rats- if you want to breed, just ask and we will talk about it, don't hide it.

I strongly advise adopting rats in same sex pairs (or more). I strongly advise quarantining any new rats before being placed with current residents. (If you have questions regarding quarantine, please ask) I do not feel it's fair for the baby alone for 4 weeks while in quarantine. Rats are social creatures and need companionship. If you do not have rats at home, you MUST adopt at least a same sex pair.