A new outlook as rats as pets

Our mission at Radiant Ratty is to change the negative perception that the public has on rats and rats as pets. Most people are unaware of how smart, loving and clean rats really are. Pet rat owners everywhere can attest to how amazing rats make as pets. 

From our family to yours

Our goal is to set you up with great family pets bred for health and good temperament. At Radiant Ratty we only have one litter at a time to ensure each baby gets the love and care they need. Our rats are not just kept for breeding purposes, they are part of the family and live their best lives possible!

Pets First

All of my rats are pets first and foremost. They will all be cared for appropriately and be part of the family. All are housed in appropriate sized cages with solid bottoms. No rat will be housed alone except under certain circumstances, such as a doe ready to give birth. All are given rodent safe bedding and toys. All are fed an appropriate diet according to their age, sex, and breeding status. All are given human contact and are checked daily for any change in their health. If such changes are found, they are brought to a rodent vet within a reasonable amount of time.

I breed to improve the species, and strive to breed healthier, longer-lived pets. I do not breed aggressive animals, or ones that have genetic illnesses.