Ratty cage sets

Soft flannel lined with cozy fleece!
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Current Litters

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• Specializing in Himalayan and Siamese rats.
• We breed one litter at a time to make sure baby gets the love and care they need.

Location & Hours

Duryea, Pennsylvania (Scranton-Wilkesbarre Area)

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Why do we breed?

After tons of research, money, and overall love for rats I decided to share my passion by providing loving, well-raised pets. As a small scale home breeder, I choose to work closely with the litters that I have at any given time, as I believe in producing quality pets as opposed a high number of animals. Because of this, I do not always have juvenile rats available. The temperament and health of the rats that I breed are of the utmost importance to me. Because of the time, energy, effort, and monetary investment that I put into each of my litters, the rats that I provide generally cost more than those you would find in a pet store. Breeding rats is not something we do for money, but to better the rats available in the area. I also personally enjoy the aspect of exploring the genetics of my lines .